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My Doodle Art: Topless Female Chinese Warrior by SiamesePhoenix
Mature content
My Doodle Art: Topless Female Chinese Warrior :iconsiamesephoenix:SiamesePhoenix 0 0
(My OC) Harris Lendard by SiamesePhoenix (My OC) Harris Lendard :iconsiamesephoenix:SiamesePhoenix 1 0
School of Fandoms RP V.2
[Previous Version:]
    You’ve moved to the new school named “Thomas Hillston High” while you’re 12(or 13), which belongs to small urban town nearby border of Michigan and Canada; “Lemsonee”. Thomas Hillston High is similar to other common schools in US from outside. But there’s something special waiting for you.
-Safe only for this RP. Since you and most of major characters aren't adult in this RP.
-Able to do both of comments or notes, but prefer notes!
-NO Superpower/Mary Sue stuff. This is normal world, as well as the characters those adapted to suit it.
(-Code is “High School is not that bad”)
-Reply me at least two lines a time
-Ask if you have questions, or ask me to do something for you if
:iconsiamesephoenix:SiamesePhoenix 3 12
The Northwest Dragon(Pacifica Northwest Fanart) by SiamesePhoenix
Mature content
The Northwest Dragon(Pacifica Northwest Fanart) :iconsiamesephoenix:SiamesePhoenix 4 0
Fandom RP on Discord!
I’m new to Discord, but hearing that it’s good for RP, please teach me if there’s something wrong
We could think about plots together, however, i’m looking forward to slice-of-life with romance, adventure-action or/and AU. Here’s the list of my fandoms
Adventure Time With Finn and Jake
Gravity Falls
Star VS The Forces of Evil
My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic/Equestria Girls
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Regular Show
Wreck-it-Ralph(maybe with some video games fandom too)
Harry Potter
If you looks for romance, here’re my shippings(maybe some update later)
Finn X Flame Princess/Princess Bubblegum/Marceline
Dipper X Pacifica
Star Butterfly X Marco Diaz
Twilight Sparkle X Timber Spike/Sunset Shimmer(or her male version)
Pinkie Pie X Cheese Sandwich
Natasha(Black Widow) X Dr.Banner(Hulk)
And i’m fine with crossover of the fandoms above, like Star joining Avengers or Twilight Sparkle as Hogwarts Student. Tell me and go ahead
However, if you want to RP w
:iconsiamesephoenix:SiamesePhoenix 3 13
Sing Meme by SiamesePhoenix by SiamesePhoenix Sing Meme by SiamesePhoenix :iconsiamesephoenix:SiamesePhoenix 7 0 Songkran with Toons by SiamesePhoenix Songkran with Toons :iconsiamesephoenix:SiamesePhoenix 4 0
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Fandom Character TF

You’re invited to play “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” game show, but in difference condition. If you lost, you won’t just only go back home with bare hands, but lost yourself into fandom character by both of physical and mental.
-Rules of Game-
If you answer correctly, you would gain more money from 500$ at 1st correct answer, and win a million buck at 15th one. In another hand, you would turned into your chosen fandom character step by step, from minor change and getting more explicit until you lost your memory as the defeat.
You need to answer 15 corrects answers and could be false only 8 times.
For lifeline, there’s 4; 50:50, Phone-A-Friend, Switch the Question and Double Dip

-Rules of Roleplay-

Please don’t give me only answer, give me your/your character’s reaction too. Start as common today human and ask me if you have question

-Comment Me This-

Your character’s name, gender, age and appearanc
:iconsiamesephoenix:SiamesePhoenix 2 152
Game of Thrones Recast by SiamesePhoenix by SiamesePhoenix Game of Thrones Recast by SiamesePhoenix :iconsiamesephoenix:SiamesePhoenix 5 0
Human and Humanoid's World RP
    In the alternate world, which everything is similar to the world we know, but this world is somehow difference; it’s where human, gijinka, anthro, furry, cyborg, and even the mixing of above (and maybe more if you want to, check on “extra”), which every race live in fair and justice.
    In this RP, you could be human or not. It’s depend on you. But most of all, there’s not only human here but other humanoids, so it’s normal that your neighbor is kitsune, or you just walking through cyborg anthro dragon during back home.
No Mary Sue/Superpower/Godly thingie, be someone normal here. It’s not fun to roleplay with the one who solve every problem easily,
Please use at least 10 words per reply
Note me if you eager to play this RP in R-Rated(or above) version
Don’t control my characters
Ask if you have question
Extra Races
High Fantasy Rac
:iconsiamesephoenix:SiamesePhoenix 5 87
Malai Watthanapong OC(Able to RP) by SiamesePhoenix Malai Watthanapong OC(Able to RP) :iconsiamesephoenix:SiamesePhoenix 1 0 Assassin's Creed: Mewni by SiamesePhoenix Assassin's Creed: Mewni :iconsiamesephoenix:SiamesePhoenix 3 0
[Svtfoe AU RP]It's going to be quite uncommon

There’s two choices of character(s) you could play in this RP; Playing as Star Butterfly(or another princess from difference dimension), or as the host family(you could be one of them, or all). However, it wouldn’t be at Echo Creek anymore but somewhere else on the globes
-Interested Nation/City Lists-
-United Kingdom
-Thailand(It’s my home country)
-Republic of Korea(A.K.A. South Korea)
-Los Angeles, US
Anyway, you could choose  nation,even your own. But i don’t bet i could crack its culture well.
-Required Information for host family-
- Town(Like where they are belong to Example. Liverpool, Bangkok or Busan)
- Financial Status
- Number of members(including pet if there’s one)
- Brief information of each member(Except Pet)
    - Name
    - Age
    - Occupation/Educational Level(with faculty/program)
:iconsiamesephoenix:SiamesePhoenix 5 199
(TF RP)Shifting Journey RPG(with MLP Version)
You’re an adventurer in High Fantasy themed realm(for mainly theme); “Metamia”(or Equestria in case of MLP), who wander for your greatly goal as there’s change waiting for you along the way.
Your Character Information Sheet(Put it into your comment/note):
Brief Personality:
Any Info else:
(For Ponies)Cutie Mark:
What Kind of TF/Effect?:
Were-Creature, Race Change,Age Pro/Reg.,Personality, Corruption by dark magic/chaos/necromancy, Hybrid
-Starting Races List-
High Fantasy
Wood Elves
High Elves
Dark Elves
Mountain Dwarves
Dark DwarvesHalfling/Hobbit
Anthro/Furry/Gijinka Animal
Earth Pony
Diamond Dog
Crystal Pony


-Safe on Comment, Mature(Rated R and above) on Notes. No safe notes or mature comments
-I control the change
-Don’t control the TFing without permission
:iconsiamesephoenix:SiamesePhoenix 2 39
Star with Jacket, Alt.Haircut and Drawing Style by SiamesePhoenix Star with Jacket, Alt.Haircut and Drawing Style :iconsiamesephoenix:SiamesePhoenix 4 7 Wish your future as bright as Star by SiamesePhoenix Wish your future as bright as Star :iconsiamesephoenix:SiamesePhoenix 7 6

Random Favourites

Dragon Mask - The Mask Singer Thailand by DarikaArt Dragon Mask - The Mask Singer Thailand :icondarikaart:DarikaArt 120 8 The crow mask by MonniiZ by MonniiZ The crow mask by MonniiZ :iconmonniiz:MonniiZ 8 0 White Walker - Night King Elsa by DarthMoga White Walker - Night King Elsa :icondarthmoga:DarthMoga 25 4 GravityWatch-Wendy Tracer by P0lyg0nM4n99 GravityWatch-Wendy Tracer :iconp0lyg0nm4n99:P0lyg0nM4n99 19 6 Gravitywatch-Pacifica Widowmaker by P0lyg0nM4n99 Gravitywatch-Pacifica Widowmaker :iconp0lyg0nm4n99:P0lyg0nM4n99 20 2 Tracer Gravity Falls style by McPato95 Tracer Gravity Falls style :iconmcpato95:McPato95 5 1 Reverse Pacifica by TheFreshKnight Reverse Pacifica :iconthefreshknight:TheFreshKnight 237 35 Zoey TF by PerfectDuwang
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Zoey TF :iconperfectduwang:PerfectDuwang 31 20
Meg TF 4 by PerfectDuwang
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Meg TF 4 :iconperfectduwang:PerfectDuwang 8 12
Meg TF 3 by PerfectDuwang
Mature content
Meg TF 3 :iconperfectduwang:PerfectDuwang 8 7
GS - AeEnOuIy - Werewolf's forms (Cov) by Thuledrawer09
Mature content
GS - AeEnOuIy - Werewolf's forms (Cov) :iconthuledrawer09:Thuledrawer09 4 5
Olivia 7 by nytetym
Mature content
Olivia 7 :iconnytetym:nytetym 22 0
Random Fandom School by Kikaigaku Random Fandom School :iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 824 88 Send Starlight away by rvceric Send Starlight away :iconrvceric:rvceric 294 41 Meg TF 2 by PerfectDuwang
Mature content
Meg TF 2 :iconperfectduwang:PerfectDuwang 13 0
Meg TF 1 by PerfectDuwang
Mature content
Meg TF 1 :iconperfectduwang:PerfectDuwang 14 0
Sorry for being late, all of my dear RP partners. I was going to Bangkok; capital of my country for taking exams of SAT to getting points to join my goal university, which was tough. I won't trying to reply all at once, and adapting myself back to RP again. 

Thank for understanding


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